Title: Health in pedagogical discourses and school practices
Selected perspectives

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Author: Alicja Szerląg (Edited by)

ISBN number: 978-83-7587-418-1

Technical information: First edition, Cracow 2010, Format: 160 × 235mm, 202 pages, Hardback, Sewn binding

English version of book



Health in postmodernity


Monika Wojta-Kempa, Iwona Taranowicz, Andrzej M. Fal

Health as a value in postmodern society


Anna Sladek

Subjective dimension of health


Edyta Nieduziak

Metaphorical presentations of health in modern culture


Educational context of health


Żanetta Kaczmarek

Education in the aspect of health threats. Prospective approach


Dariusz Białas

Education as a factor determining individual health potential

in the community of knowledge. Network mind in the systemic-interactive

model of health-oriented education


Hana Horka

Environmental education as an instrument for health promotion.

Environmental aspects of health education


Danuta Wiśniewska

Quality management in health promotion


Health education in practice


Jaroslav Vaculik

Health and hygienic conditions at schools a hundred years ago


František Čapka

Position and responsibilities of teachers in applying health principles

in Czech schools in the past and now


Jan Šťava, Stanislav Střelec

Legislative conditions for health education in the Czech primary school


Stanislav Střelec, Jan Šťava

The school as the institution promoting the development of social health

in pupils


Marek Jagusz, Paweł Fryderyk Nowak

Health education – in realities of the Polish school


Paweł Fryderyk Nowak

Catechesis teachers as health educators in school environment


Jadwiga Kuciel-Lewandowska & Co-authors

The “keep it straight” campaign and health education


Agnieszka Blok

Doggies and children – learning safe behaviours towards dogs –

“Dogolandia” Foundation educational programme


Renata Chrzan

Infl uence of mode of active life on health and frame of mind






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