Title: Post-Accession Migration in Europe – a Polish Case Study

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Author: Alison Stenning, Aneta Słowik (Edited)

ISBN number: 978-83-7587-634-5

Technical information: First edition, Cracow 2011, Format: 160 × 235mm, 106 page, Hardback, Sewn binding

English version of book

Alison Stenning, Aneta Słowik

Preface and Acknowledgements


Kathy Burrell

Scaling Polish Migration: Overview and Observations


Anne White

Polish Families in England: Decisions about Stay and Return


Bogusia Temple

Polish Migrants’ Narratives of ‘Us’, ‘Them’, Language and Integration


Dawn Judd

The Contribution of Post-Accession Polish Migrants to Adult Social Care Services


Michał Karczemski, Anne Boer

‘The Dutch Case’: Networks of Polish Migrants in The Hague


Ben Sellers

Empowering Migrant Workers: Trade Unions and New Communities in the North East and Cumbria


Notes about Authors


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