Title: Social Rehabilitation, Care and Education in Postmodern World

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Author: Anetta Jaworska, Danuta Apanel (red.)

ISBN number: 978-83-7587-188-3

Technical information: First edition, Cracow 2009, Format: 160 × 235mm, 158 pages, Paperback, Glued binding, Foil, Matt paper

English version of book

Introduction (Anetta Jaworska)


Part 1

Theoretical background

Andrzej Bałandynowicz

Probation system – penalties of medium force and measures

of supervised liberty as a proposal of fair punishment

Anetta Jaworska

Organization of prison management in Poland

Teresa Sołtysiak

Pathological behavior of young generation – several remarks

on academic research and its relations with prevention

and social rehabilitation

Ewa Murawska

The identity of an elderly person in the postmodern world –

crisis or a new quality?

Danuta Apanel

Mentally handicapped people and their leisure time

Iwona Rudek

Difficulties of growing up. Educational dilemmas that teachers

and parents are facing

Aldona Molesztak

Contemporary problems in bringing up children


Part 2

Research report

Violetta Kopińska

Contemporary problems of student council

Renata Miszczuk

Care – upbringing – prevention on the example

of the ‘Brachu’ Youth Community Centre in Kielce

Grażyna Durka

Phenomenon of smoking cigarettes among teenagers

Agnieszka Prochniak

Students’ attitude to the phenomenon of cheating

Joanna Nawrocka

Between the social norms of caring for older persons

and prejudices against them

Piotr Prochniak

Pro-social risk taking and personal values. Study of fire-fighters

Piotr Prochniak

Time perspective of pro- and antisocial risk takers

Comparative study of policemen and criminals

Anetta Jaworska

In search of effective rehabilitation in penal institutions



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